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Moon Hollow is putting on a Settlers of Catan Tournament! The tournament will be held Thursday, August 25th from 6-9pm. 


Pre-registration is required! Pre-registration is $5 and goes towards your first beer. You will play 3, ~1 hour, rounds of Catan. Moon Hollow will shuffle the players so that everyone has the opportunity to play against each other! If you would like to request who you would like to play your first game with, please do so but we may be unable to accommodate your request. 


Winner is the first person to 10 Victory Points or the person with the most Victory Points at the end of 1 hour. First place will be awarded 7 points, Second place will be awarded 5 points, Third Place will be awarded 3 points, Fourth place will be awarded 1 point. 


Round 1: 6-7Pm

Round 2: 7:10-8:10pm

Round 3: 8:20-9:20pm


Come at 5:30 for check in. You will receive your table schedule when you check in. You will be expected to know the rules of the game. Employees will be present to clarify rules using the official game rules and their best judgement. 


If you can bring a game, please let us know! 

Tournament Registration

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